In the age of Corona, theaters, across America, are redefining the theater experience. Now, you can click a ZOOM link in the comforts of your pajamas or birthday suit and enjoy a play with theater buffs all across the world. You can even “talk” during the production by posting a comment or an emoji expressing your sentiments in the moment. Who would have thought?! And the best part is that it’s typically, FREE99. I believe the point of all this virtual storytelling is to keep art alive; to keep actors acting; to keep directors directing; to keep theater staff working; to keep playwrights encouraged and to keep us (audiences) engaged. It’s working. I recently had two readings of two of my plays on FaceBook Live this month, and the attendance was amazing. I reached more people in one reading than I might have reached in a four-week run, and the beauty of it all was I was present enjoying the reading like everyone else and engaging with the audience. Kudos to this new kind of theater. Now, even though these readings are typically free, won’t you bless the theaters with a financial token/donation of your appreciation for their willingness to keep theater alive and well in the age of Corona?

Written by : Melda Beaty

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