Finding Time to Read & Review: Drown

DrownDrown by Junot Díaz

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve come to learn that short story books are often titled based on one of the stories in the book. Diaz’s Drown follows suit. Now, I want to know why he chose the short story Drown?. It is just one of the 10 dynamic and authentic anecdotes in this book. From “Ysrael” to “Negocious,” there is no doubt that Diaz lived, breathed, talked, and dreamed Dominican. His tales of sibling rivalry, dysfunctional marriages, abysmal poverty, illegal substances, instructions on girls, etc. are bona fide and steeped in degradation and humor. Diaz’s quick pace, clever metaphors, and “in your face” dialogue (if no habla espanol, you will easily figure it out)forces you into a state of compassion with every page. The women are feisty and strong. The children are curious and practical, and the men are men who live life on their terms. Drown is not just a story title, but a total immersion into the world that Diaz wants you to share. Bueno!

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