Dream Inside

Q: How can you write a book with three children and teach?

A: How can I not?! It’s a dream inside.

It took me seven years from concept to hard copy and now Kindle to complete, Lime. In that time, I had twins…wrote, went through a divorce…wrote some, moved…wrote often, worked…wrote more , traveled…took a break, taught…wrote sporadically, cried, gave-up, cried some more, attended writing conferences, submitted to literary agents, revised, revised, revised, and then got an epiphany.  In 2012, the epiphany was I’m tired of Lime sitting in my USB drive. I’m tired of everyone telling me what else Lime needs. I’m tired of supporting other author’s work and ready for some authors and readers to support my work. 


I began writing at nine years old, way before the concept of children ever entered my mind. I loved storytelling before marriage, children, divorce, moving, traveling, teaching, etc. It consumes me. I learn best when life is presented as a narrative and my children and degrees and teaching profession can’t trump that love. I/we are more than just mothers. We are people with gifts, desires, talents, and ambitions and YES we can have it all.


My dream inside will ultimately benefit my children, readers, and me, so how can I not write?! How can I not create? How can I not honor my dream inside?  What’s yours?